Our perspective is systemic

We view businesses as humane operative systems which are in constant interaction.
We focus on the psychosocial strengthening of the person who undertakes multiple roles every day in his professional as well as in his personal life.
We know that the strengthening and the healthy growth of the workforce and the internal environment of the business, contribute to its livability, its competitiveness and its high competency.

We are there for you

We plan and conduct fully featured tailor made experiential psychotherapy training seminars

We locate together the actual needs of your business, your executives and your employees and we propose the equivalent services and the appropriate solutions.

We explore and study the informal roles and the departments of the executives and employees that often collide with the apparent responsibilities of the roles as described into the organization chart.

We conduct personal consulting sessions to business executives and employees.

We undertake the support of family business whose particularity is dealing with challenges, not only because of the uncertain economic environment but also due to the dynamics developing among its members.


Our common ideology guides us

At Morfogenesis we are orientated towards businesses that promote, trust and give priority to human relationships, the cooperation and the growth of a person as a whole. In businesses that believe in the value of the human factor and try daily to achieve quality into the working atmosphere, knowing that both are characteristics of successful, productive and competitive businesses.

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