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Our name is our aim

The name Morfogenesis derives from the field of Biology. It refers to the evolution of the form or construction of an organism and concerns genetically predetermined procedure, which in fact, is affected by endogenous and exogenous factors.

We view businesses as ‘living organisms’
Businesses as ‘living organisms’ deal with challenges daily. Each one of them has a unique identity and evolves influenced by the internal environment, such as executives, employees, business relationships, as well as the external environment such as economic, political and environmental conditions. The term ‘Morfogenesis’, regarding businesses, points to the birth of new systems through continual evolution.
Our view is SYSTEMIC
We view businesses as ‘systems’.
‘System’ is considered the total of the evidence that interact and is interdependent. Examples of humane systems are every person separately, couples, families, schools, universities, businesses, sectors, governments, federations, etc.
It is very important to mention that the roots of the systemic approach come from Aristoteles’s philosophy, who stood for the fact that the total is more than the sum of its parts and believed that in that resides an outcome, a purpose.
Basic principles of the systemic theory is the evolution and change of the systems.
The Systems Science is characterized from the awareness and the study of the whole, the relationship between the part and the whole. It is based in the logic of the circular relationship. The situations we go through are not related based on the linear relationship cause and effect but are in a circular relationship where the cause becomes the effect and vice versa.
We view the employees as people who participate in a relation grid and not as separate individuals.
Humans, to be able to live as people with quality, need internal mechanisms which enable them to be good ‘acrobats’, concerning their self-protection and their continual evolution in all the systems they are integrated, so as the function of the human as a person, can promote him as well as his framework and vice versa.