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Psychoeducational Seminars

All our services are conducted both in person and online.

Indicative agenda of the Morfogenesis Psychoeducational Seminars

Stress Management

Identification and treatment of stress helps in the effective functionality of ourselves under pressure conditions.

Communication/ Social Skills

Learning social skills helps in behavior development which is compatible with the culture of each business.

Emotional intelligence

The high level of emotional intelligence of each employee affects directly or indirectly all levels of business coordination.

Employee – Parent

Our responsibilities and obligations as parents often obstruct our undivided concentration into our work project as well as our high performance and vice versa.

We are planning and conduct special experiential seminars, taking into account:

We explore together the needs of your business and we plan experiential, tailor made psychoeducational seminars.

We cooperate thoroughly, exploring the issues that concern you and those you wish to deal with, regarding your business, highlighting aspects and issues you probably haven’t recognized.

Your business is unique and has its own needs because the dynamics and working relationships that develop among executives at all levels of organization are special.

The external ‘point of view’ from a group of experts in human relations and the dynamics that develop in the workplace, provides useful conclusions and broadens the scope of intervention for the best possible results.


We are a worthy ally for your business in the battle of everyday life.

While respecting your priorities and dynamics in your business, we are planning and proposing experiential psychoeducational seminars specifically tailored to your needs. Our experience, knowledge and tools (personal interviews, group focused discussions and/or questionnaires) make Morfogenesis a valuable ally.

Experiential psychoeducational seminars aim to help the executives at all levels of the hierarchy of the organization chart to cope with the different role they undertake, always considering the dynamics that develop in their working relationships.


Psychoeducational seminars are always experiential

Psychoeducational seminars are always experiential as according to the conclusions of neuroscience, experiences promote effective changes in attitudes, behavior and ways of managing the issues in question. The aim is for the employees to live a new psychosocial experience capable of improving the way they manage the situations and an internal change that will have a lasting effect on their perception of the interaction among them.

On our website you will find an indicative agenda of experiential psychoeducational seminars that respond to the most common needs observed in businesses. The seminars may focus on other subjects, whereas a specific need arises based on exploration.

Ways of conducting the seminars

The seminars include experiential exercises, theoretical material, questionnaires, video screening, role playing games, working parties and discussion. In the time between the seminars, our contact with the employees and their continuous re-focus are achieved by means of electronic communication with material to following up.

What is NOT and what IS the tailor made psychoeducational Morfogenesis seminars

A tailor made psychoeducational Morfogenesis seminar IS NOT another one theoretical seminar addressed en masse to all executives and employees. Such seminars help participants in level of information and knowledge, however has been found that they do not have long term results.

Each employee is different but the dynamics that develop in the various working groups are also special. Tailor made seminars by Morfogenesis utilize the potential created into the group of the participants to mirror emotions and behaviors, in a safe environment supporting each participant individually. The participants comprehend and experience ways in which the level of emotional intelligence of the members of a team contributes to its functioning.