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Spherical Processing into Family Businesses

The service “Spherical processing into family business” is offered both in person and online.

The uniqueness of family businesses, owners and employees as parts of a larger family, requires the development of balances that contribute to the well-being of both business and family.

At Morfogenesis we see family businesses with a holistic view and we provide ways to deal effectively through the following services:

Needs Assessment and Action Plan of the family business

At Morfogenesis, we help you identify the real needs of the family business, highlighting the shadowy and parallel dynamics that result from the multiple roles of each member. Accordingly, structured interviews, sessions, analysis of the study of organizational dynamics, scientific psychometric tools and detailed reports of the results with graphs, depictions of personality traits and areas for improvement are used. We then, propose a tailor made action plan according to the needs of your business.

Study of organization chart dynamics

The study of dynamics of the organization chart includes the investigation and study of the informal roles and responsibilities arising from the above mentioned conditions and often conflict with the apparent responsibilities of the roles in the organization chart.

The ultimate goal of this study is to align the good intentions and limit the over-involvement within the boundaries of the roles of the organization chart, and sometimes to propose its redefining so that it may utilize dynamics that already ‘catch up’ and sometimes predict developments. Consequently, any malfunctions are suppressed and new indications are given the opportunity to be taken into consideration.

In the above service, which we provide mainly through personal interviews in compliance with rules of confidentiality for better collection of information, is necessary cooperating closely with the Management.