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Individual Counseling Sessions

The individual counseling sessions are offered both in person and online.

Each person is a system

Human as biopsychosocial being is himself a system, which means that at the same time is a biological, psychological and social being. This means that the environment in which he operates, the stimuli he receives and his behavior, affect him in all three (3) dimensions and vice versa.

Morfogenesis is next to every employee

Each employee is different. In his everyday life he is forced to walk the line balancing in many and different roles both at work and his personal life. So, we and our partners conduct five (5), ten (10) or more individual counseling sessions for executives or employees who would like a mental health professional by their side to illuminate invisible paths and aspects of themselves and to make easier for them to deal effectively with the difficult situations they are experiencing.

The counseling sessions help the employee to understand better himself and the way he operates. The sessions usually take place on a weekly basis and the duration of each session is 50 minutes.