Our Services

We plan and conduct fully featured tailor made experiential psychotherapy training seminars

We locate together the actual needs of your business, your executives and your employees and we propose the equivalent services and the appropriate solutions.

We explore and study the informal roles and the departments of the executives and employees that often collide with the apparent responsibilities of the roles as described into the organization chart.

We conduct personal consulting sessions to business executives and employees.

We undertake the support of family business whose particularity is dealing with challenges, not only because of the uncertain economic environment but also due to the dynamics developing among its members.

Indicative agenda

Psychoeducational seminars

Stress management

Identification and treatment of stress helps in the effective functionality of ourselves under pressure conditions.

Social skills

Learning social skills helps in behavior development which is compatible with the culture of each business

Emotional intelligence

The high level of emotional intelligence of each employee affects directly or indirectly all levels of business coordination

Employee – Parent

Our responsibilities and obligations as parents often obstruct our undivided concentration into our work project as well as our high performance and vice versa.

Our seminars are adapted to the needs of your business

Through development of the working part and the personality, the company benefits

  1. The practice in management of continual changes, promotes both the employees and the business.
  2. As the cooperation develops, conflicts – visible or not – weakens and the employees are motivated and activate their creativity.
  3. The preventive practice in ways of avoidance of labor burnout, strengthens the working role of the employees, increases their performance and enhances isomorphically their whole personality.
  4. Consequently, the educational action helps to increase the productivity and performance of the company.
Research data

Because the empowerment of human workforce is important

$550 billion

billion annually is the approximate companies’ cost of indifferent employees


of the employees believe showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention


of the employees believe that support wellbeing initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work


of the employees expects from their employer to support the achievement of a balanced personal and professional life


more profit is recorded to companies with highly engaged teams