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Emotional Intelligence


The high level of emotional intelligence constitutes an important privilege and necessary resource for every employee of the business, as it affects directly or indirectly all levels of organization. When the employees are unable to identify and manage their emotions, the emotions of their co-workers/clients, there are consequences in their cooperation, the quality of work, the emotional climate created in the workplace and ultimately to the performance of the company.

The identity of the experiential psychoeducational seminar by Morfogenesis

At Morfogenesis, the experience, the knowledge and the tools we have, allow us to utilize the dynamics of the group of participants and focus on:

Trainees learn ways to identify the source of their emotions, be flexible in managing conflict, manage the sometime negative emotions such as stress and achieve their goals by focusing on their strengths.

Target audience

The seminar concerns all the executives and employees of a company at all levels of the hierarchy. It strengthens the composition of the personality and functionality of each individual and raises the level of functionality and efficiency in human relations and communication within the company.

Stress Management

Identification and treatment of stress helps in the effective functionality of ourselves under pressure conditions.

Communication/ Social Skills

Learning social skills helps in behavior development which is compatible with the culture of each business.

Emotional intelligence

The high level of emotional intelligence of each employee affects directly or indirectly all levels of business coordination.

Employee – Parent

Our responsibilities and obligations as parents often obstruct our undivided concentration into our work project as well as our high performance and vice versa.